Reliable and Qualified Supplier of Chemicals and Construction materials.

Chemico Ltd supply all kind of chemicals and construction types of equipment

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Quality Equipment Through Dedication and Quality Control

With 18 years of experience serving Rwanda’s marketing, CHEMICO works with manufacturers across the world to supply the industry with quality items. Our experienced staff makes sure that all of the equipment is of quality and safe to use by the clients.


Our five stars service does not end at supplying materials, we go an extra mile to support our customers with construction services including the installation of items, waterproofing, and all kinds of construction services.

Our Services

Supply of Chemicals & Construction Items

All kinds of chemicals and constructions equipment

Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Installation, Diagnosing, Fixing and Control

Construction Services

Construction services to all residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects.

Why Choose Us

With 18 years of experience in the industry, our clients choose us for quality, time delivery, and affordability.

Quality,Safe & Secure

We source quality items from the best manufacturer in the world.

After Sale Services

Our team of experts go an extra-mile to ensure that equipment is operating well and maintained.

Reasonable cost

Our aim is to see clients’ projects completed without breaking their bank account. We offer items at a competitive price.

Our clients and Partners

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